Pitched battles in your world

In my world, there was a rebellion involving three cities along a western mountain range and the military police. In the military police uniforms, there was a lot of magic practice, both functional and recreational, and the people of those cities didn't like that at all. Their belief was that, because magic was not of this world, it should not be allowed in this world. The people harassed the police, and the police harassed the people back, leading to a building tension over many years.

Eventually, one young boy took it upon himself to send a message. He stole his father's dagger, and used it to stab one of the policewomen to death. In retaliation, the police hanged the child the following day. Over the next few weeks, there were many copycat crimes, and still more hangings. When it at last reached a point where ten soldiers were stabbed to death in a single day, the military cracked down. They started to strip the civilians of their weapons. Before even 1/8th of the population was unarmed, the people started openly killing the soldiers, and thus, the rebellion started. ordinarily, The military police would have won quickly, due to the enchantments on their weapons and armor, and their use of guns.

However, the military police was exported from the Hall of Heroes, and very few were native to the cities. The rebels were able to ambush them from places they didn't even know existed. Sort of like what happened to the United States in Vietnam. Several days passed, and neither side was faring very well. Lord Kyrb Edwards, who was head of the military at the time, sent in the guardian division to dispose of the revolution. The guardian division is a group of extremely powerful individuals. Though some had great skill and were very deadly on their own, most were artifact bearers; people who weild Godly Artifacts.

The addition of the 20 odd super-powerful individuals turned the tide of battle swiftly in the favor of the military. The city which was given the two most powerful guardians surrendered in two days. In another week, the next city surrendered. The third city, however, never did surrender. It now stands in ruins on the southernmost tip of the Jackal Mountains.

I don't know how politics or wars work, so how did I do?

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