WikiLeaks Reveals TPP Proposal Allowing Corporations to Sue Nations

I haven't heard/read anything about the internet being threatened because of these agreements, in fact it's the opposite. The agreements want open source, open internet, and cross border free-flow data. The real concern, for many of the countries involved, is the security and privacy of this information and data (given the whole Snowden ordeal, this is a sensitive issue). There is a sensitive nature regarding data security/privacy, and this is a legitimate concern. However, the fact that some countries are literally want to localize their data, both physically and non-physically (i.e. I want the data servers in MY country, you have to use MY encryption, data doesn't enter/leave without MY say - which is forced localization) isn't really helping. It's the governments/countries that are setting up the hurdles in trying to achieve this, the agreements themselves have a noble objective. In regards to forced localization, some would say this is a response to the snowden revelations, and in some sense this is probably true, but its also turning out to be old fashion protectionism. But this forced localization has its own issues, such as local multi-national companies no longer being able to share data with the whole company because they're spread out globally. Or it can effect things as simple as airline safety (airline wouldn't be able to communicate data to the necessary entities because of these potentially restrictive laws). These agreements will put a stop to that momentum, or at least seeks to. Like i said, they're in negotiations, and much has yet to be settled. For the most part I think, the countries involved in these agreements want the open source/open internet/cross border data flows, but they want assurance that their security and privacy of the data is also addressed, and I think that's a whole different discussion in its own really, and one that I think still has yet to take place. For TPP, which obviously involves Asian countries, few of those countries are actively trying to employ these protectionist policies (forced localization) of the data, and so I think settling on this issue is going to be difficult. But no, the agreements themselves do not seek to threaten open internet or anything like that.

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