Please don't push a LGBTQ agenda on Gulf/Muslim oriented subreddits

I am just going to say a couple of things on this point and not respond to any comments because I am not looking for a debate. Its a multifaceted issue and it’s foolish to think there is just one answer.

  1. The UK is responsible for a ton of post WWII conflicts around the world due to the manner in which they withdrew from their erstwhile colonies. They really should not be the one preaching anything, there is nothing more unpalatable to me as a citizen of one of their erstwhile colonies. Even this issue is partly on them leaving their legacy behind which thankfully even BBC somewhat recognises.
  2. Cultural changes take time. Countries have always been on a spectrum on various issues. Sometimes the east has been ahead/correct about something and other times the west. These changes should not be forced by one country on another. These changes if desirable to a country and its people will evolve organically. This region does not need the west bringing its “freedom” to it.
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