[POST FIGHT THREAD] Adrien Broner Vs. Jessie Vargas

a draw seems fair. I like a more tactical approach (picking and choosing carefully when and what to thow, like AB tonight) but theres a thin line where its tactical and just not throwing... looking at you, still, AB

this was my first Vargas fight ive watched. Dude seems boring to me. Can control pace well tho, but idk if it was the catchweight o what but he looked gassed, AB looked like he coulda gone 2 more rounds easy.

AB has been one of my favorite fighters, and towards the end it looked like cunningham was getting through to him to let his hands go, but come round 12 he still comes up just short. I really think theres a mental block, like AB really just wont let his hands go. I hope he gets another decent fight. I probably wont watch him unless he gets another win or two, his style of fighting went from exciting->not much special-> downright frustrating seeing him have all the tools and conditioning but just not throwing it. like i was yelling at my TV lol.

Charlo and tank, oof. Those dudes are nice

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