[Post Game Thread] The Milwaukee Bucks take a nail-biting Game 5 on the road in a 123-119 win behind Jrue Holiday's 27/13 double-double, and taking a 3-2 Finals lead against the Phoenix Suns

Lol no offense man, cause I get being hyped about Giannis rn, but you could apply this same rationale to just about every single lottery round drafted player in the league. You might be off by a year -- so like...~5% less of their life if we're using your standard -- but its still like the same shit lol.

Like for instance you could take a guy in his same draft class, Nerlens Noel, and apply that exact same "crazy" take. Only difference being that Nerlens is a mere ~6 monhts older.

I agree it's interesting if you frame it that way, but it's so common given the age that top-tier guys enter the league... I just found it funny to read your comment as though its exclusive to Giannis.

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