The Premier League has taken a step further towards acquiring the Women's Super League from the Football Association. As the BBC reports, the clubs unanimously agreed to conduct a feasibility study on the idea at a shareholders' meeting last month.

As with anything involving Sky this could be a lot of good mixed in with a lot of bad. They have seen the viewing figures for games during the World Cup that was shown on the BBC and figure the Womens Premier League has a lot of potential. But I stress one thing. This will not compete with the Mens Premier coverage. If I know Sky they will see this as a summer competition. They have a huge problems in revenue drops during the summer months. Why? Because there is no football.

So it would be nice as a consumer and avid football fan to watch games during the summer months. It will provide the WPL with a huge increase in income, The bigger Premier League clubs will also embrace this and sign the top female talent around the world. The bad will obviously be shifting the competition to summer months. But we'll see.

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