Pro-gun Americans, what's the reasoning behind bringing your gun for errands?

About five years ago, my ground floor apartment was broken into. Came home to my air conditioner pushed in and shit all over the floor. Called the police, and about an hour an a half later, a cop arrives. The whole time I'm explaining to him what happened, he's acting like I'm wasting his time. Eventually, the upstairs neighbor sheepishly comes downstairs and explains what happened. He was smoking outside and locked himself out of the building, so he pushed my air conditioner in to let himself in the building. And the kicker? The cop was his buddy! he was acting all friendly to this guy, and then turns to me and says coldly "what are you going to do? Want to press charges?" I see where this is headed, and say I'll drop everything if the guy buys me a new air conditioner.

I lost all faith in cops after that night. Unless you're a cop or one of their buddies, they don't give a shit about you

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