Probably already been posted but... it needed to go here.

Game Theory guy was called out by Toby Fox for not crediting pirate software after they asked him too, and for calling the video they made on it things such as Undertale 2, and other “Undertale” related tags, anyway, he only changed it once Toby called him out for it, and so far he has gained a hecc of a lot of criticism from other you tubers from it. Some believe it is unfair to him, because no one really knows all the details about it, and it could have just been his poor wording in his response to pirate software, and it could have been that he never had a chance to send out a tweet on he topic before Toby Responded. Though there are also many who believe otherwise, and that Game theory guy only fixed his video so that he wouldn’t piss off one of greatest cash cows. Whatever it was, Game Theory Guy Should’ve Apologized to Pirate Software directly instead of Shifting blame on to his staff, and fixing the video before having to be told to by Toby Fox.

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