"A proposed bill in New York [New York, USA] seeks to require that all smartphones sold in the state can be decrypted or unlocked and proposes hefty fines for vendors failing to comply."

As DewArmy said, it's pretty difficult for most to get a meeting in person with a representative. Even if someone did, why exactly would that representative listen to them? Almost every single congressperson is bought and paid for on the real issues. You really think someone is going to risk their career and wealth to stand up for some 20-something constituent with a cause? Not to mention that if they were going to, the mountains of letters/emails/petitions from us surely would have done something already.

As for the rest, I (and many others) already do those thing. Sure, I've got a few friends and family to wake up and start taking an interest in what's really going on, but they have as much power as me. Which compared to the people who own this country is effectively nothing.

Voting. It's funny that people consider this to mean "choice" in the US. Gerrymandering immediately slates >90% of districts as lost causes; with the exception of getting a lesser know democrat/republican elected in their respectively owned districts. Which is extremely hard, because almost only party-backed candidates have a real shot, and all of those are bought and paid for. As for districts with "real" elections, it's the same issue, only slightly worse. Both parties then have their backed candidate and the race will narrow on X vs Y, making it even harder for a hero-of-the-people to get any chance.

Even when there is a "grassroots" movement where people rise up and elect people they believe in, it's usually some large corporate interests astroturfing. Look at the tea party for example, the only times large scale resistance to the two parties happens is when it only serves "them" even better.

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