Quality of ceriatone amplifiers?

I don't own one but from what I have seen online I would buy one in a heartbeat. May pull the trigger one of these days but I dont need another amp right now. Hopefully you are ready for just how loud a 100w head is. I have an '84 2203 that hasnt been above 2 on the master in about 5 years now lol. I need to get a hotplate or something already.

As to whether the amp will get the tones you are looking for, I think that is up to how you use it. Plexis are very versatile but to get the most out of them, you have to be a great player. That amp is going to respond based on your pick attack and a lot of the tonal variation to be had is in working the guitar controls and playing mindfully rather than in fiddling with the knobs on the amp.

When you crank up an old marshall, the EQ knobs become more of a suggestion than actual carving tools for your tone. The best cleans to be had from that amp are from turning it up and rolling back the volume on the guitar rather than playing the amp set at a low volume. I played a 50w plexi a few years ago and it sounded amazing but it was also very loud and very unforgiving, much like my 2203. That is what you are in for. It is amazing but you may not be fully happy til you learn how to use the amp best for your style.

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