Quartararo on his future: "Honda? It's something to think about."

I've only been watching since 2020, but in that time I've seen him have a very strong chance at winning a title that year, only stopped by his own mistakes and not the bike itself, then win the whole thing the year after.

Meanwhile, Honda have looked pretty useless, I'm sure they've had some success that I'm not remembering, but other than the few races where Marquez has been riding, they look like the worst manufacturer on the grid, and Marquez being able to do okay on the bike doesn't really help Quartararo in any way if he was on it.

Unless Yamaha is denying anything needs improving on their bike, I really don't see a reason to leave them after back-to-back title challenges, even if they're a bit behind this year as they've shown clearly they can make a title-winning bike on multiple occasions.

If he did absolutely have to move, surely he'd be better off going to Suzuki where he'd at least still be able to retain some of his riding style instead of taking a risk on a Ducati, although that'd still seem like a step down.

I guess I just think that Yamaha are going to be able to produce a better bike quicker than he is likely going to be able to get to the same performance level on a completely different machine

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