Questions Thread - June 26, 2019

I'm currently playing a Tectonic Slam Berserker. I have TS linked to melee phys damage, elemental damage with attacks, ele focus and phys to lightning, so only a 5L since i just started the league a few days ago. I'm only lvl 81, and was running about 5k life and MoM with about 1.3k mana. I recently bought a disintegrator staff but i only use one elder item so i only stack 1 siphon charge at any given time. I also have a voll's devotion romira's banquet setup for endurance charge generation. My issue is currently mana related. My tool tip for TS says i only use 16 mana, but i've noticed at some points a whole chunk of my mana disappears. I thought at first maybe it was rage degen + MoM just chunking my mana, so i took MoM out and i have enough regen to negate the rage degen at 50. So i think it's probably the charged slam chunking my mana. So my question is does TS charged slam require more mana then the original skill? i took off MoM and decided i have free mana now so i can run some auras, but i really can't since i have 1k mana and some of the attacks i use i lose about 300 mana.

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