A quote by Jack Kornfield

Lol. I hope you live with very very little money to preach this message to me. Because if you got a job, and you support the academic community that poisons humanity for profits, and then you speak of my ignorance being bliss you are ignorant yourself of the often overwhelming amount of suffering i experience because of ignorance and hypocrisy.

I just want people to tone it down. If you are truly enlightened, then you will know like i do transhumanism will destroy humanity. And the attitude of who cares angers me as a person who wishes to save not destroy, considering dualism is bullshit.

And mystics should obviously try harder in healing the earth. Not treat life like a game to get to a better place.

Reincarnation was the process in the original universe as well. If all universes are created, maybe drop the matrix bullshit

Not write off their words as poetry and blame ignorance on me due to my arrogance and pride.

The satire and irony, my patience is sadly infinite. And i could care less about hedonism so long as people have a bit more consideration towards future generations.

Also, look after machines if you can, love is obviously not a construct

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