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My favorite scene in One Piece is the scene

where the Strawhat crew faces CP9 in Enies Lobby and declare war on the World Government.

This scene, for me, is the definition of perfection and in my opinion one of the most important moments in the story of One Piece. Robin preparing to give her life to ensure the safety of her newfound Nakama is just an example of how strong this crew is and how they are willing to sacrifice everything, even their own existence for their nakama.

The thrill that goes through me every time i watch the crew walking in a straight line to the edge of the courthouse with the “I’m here with you too” soundtrack is incredible. It really shows the dedication the crew has to get Robin back and that they are willing to do the most riskfull and extreme things for their Nakama.

When Spanda finished his little lecture about the greatness of the World Government, Mugiwara Luffy makes one of the most badass, most riskfull and most prominent decisions in the whole story. “* Sogeking, make that flag…. burst into flames. *”
This, for me, Marks the point of no return. After rampaging through the Judgement Island and absolutely destroying a gigantic force of Marine soldiers, they now openly declare war on the World Government. This is something you can’t escape. The moment the crew declared war, there was no going back.

Then the scene concludes with the incredible turning point in Robin’s decision, she regains hope in a good outcome for ALL the Straw hats. While the OST “I’m here with you too” is running, Robin cries out: "* I want to live! Take me out to the sea with you! *". This moment, this incredible voice acting, this incredible OST on the background, the memories of the journey, the dedication of this crew, all of this at once is just so incredibly beautifull and gives me goosebumps every time, no matter how many times i watch it.

The dedication this crew shows towards their Nakama, the risks they are willing to take to save their Nakama And the solidarity and trust this crew has with and in each other and also the respect they have for their captain. Combining these things with the events that happened in this scene lead me to one conclusion:

This is the crew that will overcome anything even an all-out war with the World Government This is the crew that will stick together untill the end This is the crew that will surpass the Yonko and the Roger Pirates. This is the crew that will find One Piece

And their captain, Monkey D. Luffy, is the man that will become,

The * Pirate King! *

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