Recently Diagnosed with HIV

Hello! I just wanted to tell you, it gets better, it is hard, and it is a challenge to change your lifestyle so suddenly, but you can do it. I’m 22 years old and I got diagnosed when I was 20, almost 21. I had pneumonia and 11 CD4 cells. I had never gone through something that hard, and for the first few months I got incredibly depressed. My parents heard it when the dr. Came into the hospital room I was in and told me. I’d never seen my mom cry so much. These are the things that change your life and you can take it and do greater things whit it. After a year of struggle, starting Atripla right after I got rid of the pneumonia, it still was hard, but with time I learned to appreciate my life even more, I got used to the treatment and came back to college. Now I’m about to graduate and I’m healthy (550 CD4) after year and a half. I want you to know that you will be ok and that you’re going to live a long, healthy, normal life. The hardest part for me was accepting myself, not looking at me and thinking about loneliness, because it is absolutely not the case, you’ll find the right people to stand by your side no matter what, including your family and your boyfriend. Also, don’t feel pressured to tell anyone (unless he’s a sexual partner) it’s your body, your health. I know I’m young, but this forced me to grow and mature in a positive way. If you ever need to talk to someone just dm me. Be safe and hugs OP. :) ohh I forgot, also, don’t limit yourself or your future plans, you can do absolutely anything you want, you can travel, fuck and eat whatever you want. If there’s something my dr always tells me is, don’t overthink it, you are just as anyone else, only difference is you take one pill every day, just like a shiiit ton of people!

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