The receptionists where I work are absolutely gogreous!

My girl is away for a few weeks so I was alone and watching porn, drinking wine. Getting turned on I thought this was a good place to confess my attraction of these women who turns me on, just get it off my chest and out of my head. I can see how it was a little obsessive for some people but this was labeled NSFW...I am perverted and wanted to share some of my sick dirty thoughts. My intention was to confess my sexual attraction, talk dirty and that's it. I am sure I am not the only pervert on this site confessing some mild-fantasies.

Btw, I have spoken to these women individually, and without an agenda. Person to person. I just got horny thinking about them and wanted to write some dirty thoughts. Thought it was salicious.

Whatever, it is what it is. For the record, I am happily (no matter what some of you neanderthals say) involved with an incredible woman in a great relationship, and I do not cheat. As a man, I believe its ok to look but not touch.

Some of you want to criticize and point fingers - no one asked for your opinions but this is the internets and of course you feel as though you can say whatever the fuxk you want and hide behind your smart phone or whatever you're wasing away logged into. If you want to judge, that's cool. Thanks for reading my post and feeling whatever you felt that led you to believe I cared about your comment. Ba-bye now.

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