Redditors who found out a close friend or family member was a sexual predator/abuser: how did you find out and how did you handle the situation?

I've got an uncle who always has some thing going on. For the last five or so years he's been fanatical about Donald Trump (we're not in the USA, so that makes it odd). He has flip flopped over the last few years being both extremely pro marijuana and extremely against it. Sometimes he is very religious, sometimes he thinks religion is the scum of the earth. I always liked him as a kid because he wasn't like other adults, and he was kind of goofy I guess. Then as I got older I became more aware of how disturbed he seems to be. When I was a teenager I was visiting him and we went to this room he had in the basement where he hung out, or something. He proceeded to tell me how he is possessed by demons and they make him want to do horrible things. He talked about it for an hour straight, before I found an excuse to leave. I was maybe 15.

A few years later one of my older cousins told me about something that had happened to her regarding him, maybe 20 years prior. She had been at a birthday party for one of our other cousins, one of this uncle's daughters, and there were maybe ten other girls about age ten there. They all stayed the night and slept in the living room. My cousin told me that in the middle of the night her and another girl woke up and my uncle was sitting in the living room while they all slept, watching porn with the tv on mute, and masturbating. After hearing this I immediately changed my opinion of the guy. He went from being a bit of an oddball who I pitied to being a sort of monster in a human suit. I wonder what stories other people might have of him, but I'm not sure if I really want to know.

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