Regarding no invincibility frames on the dodge rolls

This is a perfect analysis of the combat system, although the title is a little misleading considering the amount of different things you discussed.

I agree very much with the comparison with monster hunter world.

As I will not lie in my first introduction to the series I use to rage my ass off wondering why could i not dodge anything with the dodge despite reacting in time or why can I not animation cancel nearly anything.

That’s when I took it to the monster hunter subreddit and asked them “why is the game like this?” I got a few rude responses, but mainly people told me that the principals of the game were commitment to all of the actions you do, I have to focus on how I can not put myself in poor positioning to the point I can get easily hit Instead of relying on dodging at the last second.

I took this advice to heart and the moment I got back to soloing a certain monster with this more methodical and planning centered approach, I had the time of my life.

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