Remember, no EA

Only about 600 hours in Warframe, around 150 in Destiny 2. Only 80 hours in Borderlands 2, though.
But sure, whatever you say.

I'm not saying that Destiny is a rip-off of Warframe because they share the same genre. That would be ridiculous, plus, I like this genre, which is why I continue playing games with these mechanics.

Destiny goes a little further than that. The basic setup is nearly damn identical. It's the far future. Earth is mostly uninhabitable, the few remaining humans struggling to survive. You are a member of a mysterious order of warriors, who possess incredible (almost magical) powers. It is your duty to help the weak and protect the innocent... and so on and so forth.

But that can be excused. Sure, let's say that it's just a massive coincidence. But let's look at the enemy factions.

  • Grineer / Cabal: highly militaristic empire bent on complete domination
  • Corpus / Fallen: high-tech machine-worshiping cult
  • Infested / Hive: biological / technocite hivemind
  • Sentient / Vex: machine race with bizarre logic
  • Void / Taken: members of the above faction, but recolored

Is that also a coincidence? Or did Bungie take some inspiration in a massively successful game to create their own version that they could monetize even further?

Actually, does it even matter? You'll just throw an insult at me, downvote this post, and move on instead of having an actual discussion. Just do your thing, and let's move on.

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