I remember when this sub was at 300 people. Man, how it's grown.

Can I join, even if my great-grandfather was Southern? But also, nearly illiterate, so...come on, he wasn't fighting for his "right" to own people...he was just naïve, like many soldiers before and since...

...but can I join if my biological mom thinks Gone With The Wind was practically a documentary and has always seen herself as Scarlett O'Hara? She also thinks a "mean, Black bitch" at the welfare office is keeping her from her check...

(Then I was adopted; it was not better...)

Or if my adopted dad once yelled in my face, in public, that Black people have lower IQ's? I had instigated the debate, but I didn't think that even he would react like...like that.

Not even slightly ashamed, or afraid of anyone hearing him.

He also, often, made strange comments to me that I ought to do a DNA test, to "find out" what I really am...I suspect that he is suspecting some slight, trace amount of Native American, (like most, older American families...but whatever).

What if my step-grandfather once told me, when I was 7 years old, that 6-pointed stars were "evil", and he only ever referred to Latinos as "Aztecs"?

(...look, when you're completely surrounded, it can get pretty lonely, stewing silently...)

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