Removed from TIL just before hitting 1000 upvotes: TIL in 2000, a study was done in which 20 healthy non-depressed volunteers were given the SSRI antidepressant Zoloft (Sertraline). Two weeks into the study two volunteers became dangerously suicidal.

I typically appreciate the sentiment on r/conspiracy, but you guys should tread lightly here. I am all for discussion but the blatant ignorance spewed here can turn some readers away from seeking medical help.

Most antidepressants achieve a similar function by various pharmacological mechanisms. That primary function is typically an increase in motivation, with secondary effects on mood. Individuals who are severely clinically depressed are so psychologically inhibited that they biochemically do not have the motivation to commit suicide. Anti-depressants don't change the situation a person is in (they are just pills after all), they merely attempt to change the person's outlook by altering their neurochemistry. When a patient takes anti-depressants (let us just use SSRI’s as an example) during the first few weeks, their nervous system biochemistry changes and is in a transition state. Suddenly they have more motivation but their mood did not significantly alter for the better (yet). As mentioned above, a pill does not change the circumstance a person is in, so their environmental equation did not change. They are still upset, they are in the same poor environment, but now they have more motivation to actually act out all of the harmful thoughts that were incubating in their minds. That is why there is a known danger that when people initially begin to take SSRI’s that there is a risk of suicide (note the OP study and most studies show that this risk is usually in the 1-4 week range, when the brain is in the transition state).

Every person is different and depression is not standardized, neither are our responses to drugs. However for the most part, this is an extremely valid and useful form of treatment. A chronically depressed patient is just as biochemically paralyzed as a paraplegic. The difference is the location of the problem. SSRI’s enable people to gather enough motivation and along with talk therapy, they can finally start the healing process. People are able to cope with getting out of bed, washing themselves, keeping jobs, and dealing with daily stress all while they muster enough will power to resolve whatever inner demons they have. Without a biochemical treatment (or push, if you will) no amount of talk therapy will ever be able to “de-paralyze” those who are caught at the mercy of crippling anxiety, depression and other psychiatric pathologies.

Certainly depression is an enormously vast clinical diagnosis, one that we still know very little about; so anti-depressants are not warranted for all cases. Some people might require pure talk therapy, others may require lifestyle adjustments such as exercise, better sleep habits, or getting rid of nasty habits such as drug addictions. Do SSRI’s carry risk? Of course. Most things that meddle with the natural chemistry of the human body carry risks. Just like most of medicine, there is always a risk to benefit ratio assessment. The first few weeks are the most risky (hence OP) but once that hill is climbed it is much easier to keep risks at a minimum and benefits at a maximum.

As a I read the comments I see fellow redditors swearing by their medication and crediting their psychiatric treatment to SSRI's. If these testimonies from your fellow subscribers is not enough, then I encourage you to read up from more unbiased sources on this issue. Chances are none of you have the credentials to definitively comment that this is a sham or that "big pharma is brain washing our society" based on a youtube videos or a crazy blog. Due to the sensitive life and death nature you should seriously reassess how you choose your words to talk about this. Any extreme statements like "this shit is a population control method" should be avoided.

Lastly, if anyone of you wish to engage me with evidence or facts that counteract anything I have stated here I would be more than happy to discuss the details with you. I am by no means an expert in neuropharmacology or psychiatry but I have enough exposure and knowledge in biology and neurology to understand the fundamental FACTS of this discussion.

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