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I am a european teenager who listens to hip hop and I also grew up in a small town with almost no black people ( I saw like 2-3, 2 of them were from Ghana to play for the local football team) and I use the n word.I was really confused that black people were offended when white people said it because everytime I heard it it wasn't used as a slur. Because of me only being exposed to this word through music,TV and movies I never thought it was an off limits word so I used it too, and nigga turned into my version of bro. I'm not the only one either. Most of my friends who also listened to hip hop were saying stuff like "My niggas" and such. Then, sometime after that I discovered WHY it is offensive and it's origins. Even WITH knowing that I still choose to use it because a) I'm not using it to offend anyone, hell I'm using it to call someone my friend b) the n word is black culture, and IMO saying the n word isn't offensive to the black culture but ACCEPTING that black culture. c) more and more people are acting blacker. Black people aren't treated as they were 300 years ago and I don't see ANYONE getting anything from being offended by a word being used incorectly. White guys and chicks are all listening to hip hop,slurring their words, putting on a blacker accent and using more black words like "Ratchet" or "Twerk". I don't undestand why black people are so sensitive when you rarely hear asians complaining that people say stuff like "me chinese me play joke" even though that seems more previlant. I feel bad for this because I don't want to offend anyone but I'm annoyed that the same people who tought me that word wouldn't want me to use it. BUT, saying nigger is needlessly offensive and absurd. I don't know why those last 2 letters make such a big diffrense for me but I feel bad whenever I hear the hard ER at the end. This is a very controversial thing in the US, and I can't wrap my head around it. why? African Americans are black, you can just call them that. Ofcourse, if you know his name use his damn name but that's just manners. Also, if we DO start using nigga more freely we should limit it. For example, you can use it for comedic value or to call your friend that, not for everything and at the end of verything. TL;DR IMO everyone should be able to say nigga but to a limited extent since it's the new "bro" but the hard ER still isn't good.Racism isn't cool, we're different but equal.

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