RSD Tyler (aka Owen Cooke) admitting to rape:

Holy shit balls. Right after I showed you to your face that you claimed I made some post I didn't make, you're acting like it didn't happened

Here's a direct link,

Of course in your mental state, you STILL won't be able to figure it out.

I explained that the part of the mystery

What fucking mystery??? RSD is still operating like nothing is happening, but you're probably conflating this with some other issue in your life.

Apparently all you want to do is type meds meds meds a thousand ways

Don't take my word for it, show this chain of comments to anyone. A friend, loved one, family member. Any other subreddit. Anyone will tell you that you aren't making any sense whatsoever. Maybe you don't need meds, maybe you need sleep, or therapy, or whatever, but you are clearly incomprehensible. Get help.

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