CS:GO Psychology Research Study: NEED PARTICIPANTS!

I don't think they're less inclined cognitively. The issue comes from the ability to cope with toxicity and pressure that comes with this game.

  • Men banter from the young age, and know what it's like to get shit on. Women have harder time to adapt
  • CSGO is riddled with thirsty and frustrated simps that coupled with the hardcore pressure that this game has, makes those unstable individuals to blame the weakest link, and since there's that idea of women being awful at games, they just defacto blame them, which makes an extremely unpleasant experience at the beginning of the discovering phase of this game where you get hooked
  • For a woman to get to high levels in this game, they have to be introduced to it with a 5man stack so they have a chance to develop some passion for it. Or have extreme levels of DGAF attitude to play soloq, and extreme desire to improve so they can shit on most men that play with her + extreme levels of banter ability to shut their mouths :)
  • A lot of men use games as a coping mechanism because it's harder for them to be socially active, since their way of being loved and respected within a group of people is much different than a female's. So it's much easier to resort to a videogame where no one is judging you besides your skill, for which they have a clear and understandable path on how to develop it. Hence why there're much more men playing

I could go on and on honestly, the rabbit hole is much deeper

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