Didn't expect to wake to the Dalai Lama darkest timeline.

FYI - Dalai Lama sticking out his tongue and saying 'suck my tongue' is just a reference to serfs in Tibet listening to nobility as they stick out their tongue, and suck in their breath as a sign of respect. Don't believe me? VIDEO LINK BELOW

It's clearly mentioned in 'Tibet The End of Serfdom' a 2-part documentary from China criticizing Tibet - it's at the 20:30-21:35 mark. Dalai Lama just got his words messed up and was trying to have the kid behave like someone understanding what he was about to say and to show respect in a traditional way. SOURCE: https://youtu.be/UUcoZPOK1Y0?t=1230 ...this is NOT a big deal folks. Odd to Westerners perhaps, but in the scope of Tibetans familiar with nobility/serfs...not unheard of.

Seriously, this whole situation is overblown and YES, this is another example where the West doesn't understand culturally different things and blows it out of proportion. I've also seen the video at different angles, and it looks worse if you don't see it in its entirety (Full Exchange Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9neO2qlCUj4 ). Not a Tibetan Buddhist apologist - I follow Pure Land teaching and highly respect Theravadan practitioners but this is clearly a non-English speaker getting tongue tied (pun intended) on the language and trying to reference a custom no young non-Tibetan would understand. Big deal. When odds stuff like this pops up, do minimal research ... it's not that hard. Also keep in mind neither China Govt. or Hindus in India like Dalai Lama or Tibetan Buddhism, so of course they're gonna pounce on this with severely edited video with the worst angle shown.

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