Do you think there are musicians who lack the theoretical/mathematical intelligence, but due to talent they can match that level of complexity simply through their natural inherent musical ability, as an emotional intelligence?

To be gifted means to possess the passion, commitment, and determination to study and practice your craft each day for many years. I’m afraid It doesn’t mean to be touched by the gods of music and effortlessly produce masterpieces (I wish).

Deadmau5 sometimes talks about not knowing how to play the piano, or wishing he’d learned, but he knows the theory of what he’s doing. He’s sat in that studio day in, day out over many years honing his craft. He also works with other musicians regularly so he’ll know how to speak the language.

Squarepusher is a very skilled bass player and has studied a lot of theory. His music is full of complex Jazz harmonies, and his drum programming comes from years of practice and strong theoretical knowledge of rhythmic patterns and dynamics.

There are really no exceptions, although some people may advance in level faster than others, or may see things in a different way and end up doing things that haven’t been done before, they still have to work at it like everyone else.

“Theory without practice is empty; practice without theory is blind''

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