RTA Guide for 2023: Basic Concepts From Beginner to Advanced

Good post. Agree with everything. You just forgot to mention a few important details:

  1. Bullshit matchmaking where you get matched 200 points above you one match and get destroyed... then next match >
  2. You get gangbanged by Oliver, Moore, Masha, Manon, Cheongpung because whoever is in charge of balancing at Com2us sucks at their job because they don't play the game... then next match >
  3. Team with one of Giana, Ragdoll, Tian Lang, Nephtys, etc. or multiple of them, nullifying your draft unless you have the above meta SS units and counterpicks assuming they didnt take them from you already... then next match >
  4. Masha defense breaks vios and deletes your unit, or Manon blocks your Mo Long S3, or your piece of shit Sekhmet misses her S3...

There's just too much shit wrong with this game to make progressing at any level in RTA enjoyable, but at least if you're below C3 you can get to Conqueror just by having 80% rune efficiency and half a brain... or if you're missing that then Google/Youtube will tell you how to get enough of those to reach C1.

The experience at C3 trying to push into G1 however? You just blew 8000 scam stones trying to get Oliver, 3000 stones each trying to get CP or Moore and you failed? Well you're fucked until you get them (see above 4) before they get nerfed like the Dominic you pulled and deviled 1 week before he was nerfed for no reason.

Smart of them to introduce the collab event just as frustration is at an all time high in RTA for me and a lot of others.

TLDR; fuck you Com2us you stingy bastards. 2400 days no LD5.

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