Salt Thread - Post all your complaints and frustrations here!

I'm still angry as hell about Tridon.

However, it's not Tridon's power I'm angry about. It's the double standards this subreddit seems to have set, and the fact that many people are following along, spreading the negativity.

He's an overpowered unit that does very well in his own niche. What niche is that? Defensive battles against (typically) a single enemy. Stacking two of them gives you a whole ton of health that the enemy has to break through, and enemies designed to be dangerous for normal 6* units are just not going to be able to break that health barrier. He makes content very easy.

Speaking of units that make content very easy, another comes to mind: Maxwell. The crit damage/ele damage leader skill makes new, "difficult" dungeons a cakewalk. The top Terminus squads (bar slowly farming points through ele weakness damage) were dual Maxwell, and Magress GGC was beaten in the first few minutes by dual Maxwell. Maxwell also happens to make content very easy.

Now, I want to take a look at the comments on one of the recent achievement threads, about beating Maxwell with dual Tridons. The link is here:

Since when did this subreddit become such a sarcastic, condescending place? The OP was happy about beating Maxwell, but the commends did nothing but downplay his happiness. The individuals posting things like these are making the subreddit seem very unpleasant to anyone looking at the posts. It's understandable to be upset about the new unit, but don't shower on others' parades because of your own salt.

Going back to what I mentioned about the double standards though, I thought it was ridiculous that this would never happen with a Dual Maxwell thread. When Magress GGC came, a good portion of the comments were just people beating him instantly with Maxwell leads. Nobody thought "Oh, that's pretty unfair", and there was certainly nobody posting things such as "Maxwell is ridiculously OP. Just take a moment to reflect on the meaning of Achievement."

I dunno, just makes me salty.

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