Samsung mocks the new generation of IPhones

Zero headaches, once you buy all the proprietary Apple hardware that they switch every couple years. It just works, unlike Android devices which do not just work. Secure and private... I guess if you restrict everything from the user that is a valid point. Super fast, but not as fast as the S9 or S9+. I believe the iPhone X was comparable to the S8+ for 3x the cost. Also, didn't they prove that as your Apple device ages, there is functionality built in to actually slow the phone down?

The ecosystem is excellent because developers are forced to bend to the market because people keep doubling down on the stupid. I can tell you it's a nightmare trying to get an app on the App Store compared to Google Play, or other APK shares.

I didn't think I was that much of a fanboy, but it really is mind-boggling.

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