Science AMA Series: I'm Cecilia Dhejne a fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine, from the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden. I'm here to talk about transgender health, suicide rates, and my often misinterpreted study. Ask me anything!

Forgive me as I have a severe lack of knowledge on this topic and I am trying to learn whatever I can about it.

I was presented with a hypothetical that really interested my regarding this topic.

The question was, if you swapped everything about men and women, their roles in society, their jobs, their muscle structure, their shape, the way society views them (women often over sexualized in TV repressed in reality, men the opposite), ect ect. Would men in particular suffer from gender dysphoria causing them to want to be a woman and women wanting to be a male? Basically, is it really biological or is the desire for a full sex change a symptom of our heavily pushed social gender stereotypes? In a world where gender decided nothing and you could be whoever you wanted to be and the only difference were our reproductive organs and not our looks/attitudes/ect would there still be any people identifying as trans?

I am sure this does not apply to everyone as I have heard accounts of people claiming that they just didn't feel right when sitting down to pee (although the argument could be made that standing up or sitting down to be is also social and not necessarily biological) but I can't help agree that a major part of the need for surgeries and the problems facing trans people stem from our crappy views and the weight we put behind gender more than the sexual organs themselves.

Again, I was raised in the deep south and I am not meaning to offend anyone, I am trying to learn about a topic that was barely ever discussed around me until I turned 20. If I say anything offensive, it is because I don't know any better and need you to inform me and tell me about it so that I can be more informed in the future and apologize.

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