I screwed up, and an unsympathetic neighbour kicked me while I was (literally) down

Look, I know you want her to experience the world around your house. It's too soon. We want to minimise all bad experiences in a new area. Which means baby steps.

For a few weeks I would only take her out in the yard to potty. If she seems relaxed, just chill. Maybe play a little. End on a high note. Take her back in.

Even a new house will be extremely overwhelming. Especially if there isn't proper pack structure and she feels like she has to make decisions and be responsible for things around her. Kenneling and teaching a compulsory placemat (She doesn't get up until you release her), would be crucial right now.

We always recommend that during a move the dog is kenneled a lot of the time in the house. At night and any time you aren't actively working with her. Which could be a good chunk of the day. She will be in a safe place where she can learn to calm herself, and absorb all of her new surroundings. Smells, sounds, etc. Move her kennel around the new house. Spend time away from her. Start with 10 minutes. Whatever you do, do not acknowledge her or let her out unless she's in a calm state of mind. When she is out of the kennel, work on your relationship with training. If you want ideas I can give you some.

I think you are just moving a bit too fast for her. Take it slow.

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