[Serious]Reddit, there is something I probably have to talk about with my friends (even though the urge to do so is missing) but I fear they won't care enough or they've had enough of me and my problems, what would you do?

Well it's like this.. I had problems with two friends who also used to be my best friends. I have known one of them for my whole life. Lets call them group A. Out of nowhere they started to ignore and then bash me. Said I was only caring about me and everything was about me. Of course I wanted to know why they thought so but they could never give me a explanation. It's like: " You are a bitch because you are". Now they completely wiped me from their lives.

I then went to the friends mentioned in the question, Group B, also two people. They know me better than the others. They spend more time with me even if they hadn't known me for that long. So I asked them if they thought so about me too. They reassured me that they didn't. If there was anything I can talk to them whenever I want.

But somehow I couldn't get over what group A said to me. Even though all my closest people and my family said I should not listen to what they said because it's not true (and group a basically described themself) it feels a little as if I was traumatized by their "abandonment". That sounds kinda exaggerated but I don't know what words to use. I was always there for group a, helped them out, asked them if something was wrong. Hell I went to one of them when her boyfriend broke up with her. Stayed with her until 3am and skipped work the next day. But she seems to have completely forgotten about that. Since that I never told the other two about any personal problems I had. I kept it to myself because I was always scared they would suddenly say the same things about me. and last.. sorry for my english. it may sound a little weird as i am not from an english speaking country

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