Settings BAT file

  1. Right Click Taskbar \ Properties

a. Taskbar Buttons \ Never Combine

b. Notification Area \ Customize

i. Always show all icons and notications on the taskbar

c. Start Menu Tab \ Customize

i. Check "Network"

  1. Right Click Desktop \ Personalize \ Change Desktop Icons

a. Computer | User's Files | Network

ICT Settings Page 1

  1. Control Panel (Classic View)

a. Windows Update

i. Change Settings \ Install Updates Automatically

a. Windows Firewall

i. Turn Off Windows Firewall

ii. Advanced Settings \ Turn off Domain Profile Firewall State

ICT Settings Page 2

a. User Accounts

i. Change User Account Control Settings \ Never Notify

ICT Settings Page 3

a. System

i. Name Computer by position in the office. IE, FD1, DRPC, HIGHSERVER

ii. Advanced System Settings

1) Performance Settings \ Adjust for Best Performance

2) Remote Tab \ Allow Connections from computers running any version of RDP

3) Device Manager \ Network Adapter Properties

a) Advanced Tab

b) Power Management

i) Turn off any power saving features. IE, green ethernet, energy efficient ethernet

i) Uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

ICT Settings Page 4

a. Sync Center

i. Manage Offline Files

1) Disable Offline Files

ICT Settings Page 5

a. Power Options

i. Select High Performance

1) Change Plan settings

a) Turn off display: 2 Hours

b) Sleep: Never

c) Change Advanced Power Setttings

i) Hard Disk Turn off: Never

ii) Sleep \ Hibernate \ Hybrid Sleep : NEVER

iii) USB Settings \ Suspend \ DISABLED

iv) Power Button action: Shutdown

v) Lid Close: DO NOTHING

vi) Processor Power Management \ Min: 100% \ Max: 100%

ICT Settings Page 6

a. Folder Options

i. View Tab

1) Uncheck always show Icons

2) Check Show Hidden Files...

3) Uncheck Hide extensions for know file types

4) Uncheck use Sharing Wizzard

b. Administrative Tools

i. Local Security Policy

1) Local Policies

a) Security Options

i) Acounts: Limit Local Account User of Blank passwords: DISABLED

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