Seven girls fall pregnant after five day school trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Its the parents job to be active with their child.

I know what i said is true and works because i did not go having sex with every girl i met. I didnt have sex at all.

I am waiting till marrage to have sex with the girl i am spending the rest of my life with.

My point is. It works. Its poor parenting that causes this teaching to not work.

Its not the schools job to educate kids on everything. Parents have to do the work too. Parents have to be positavly and activley involved.

A simple dont have sex wont do. Active influence. How its better to wait and why. The knowledge and positive upbringing. The proper way to present yourself. How to be professional. When to play and sit and shut up.

Children are supossed to obey and honer their parents. Granted everyone mkesmistakes. But your parents are teaching you the best they know how to be a proper person.

One major problem with todays western culture is it seperates child fromparentand the kids run lose without proper supervision.

This is also why crime goes up with this type of culture becoming more prominent.

More pregnant single highschool girls. And such. Its because lack of proper parenting.

You say kids will do it anyways. Isay with proper parenting, they wont.

I know its true because its a proven thing through history when different families are evaluated and studied.

This is why when i was in highschool. Others thought i was wierd. I honered my parents. I help my parents. I learned how to be a proper i individual from them.

Sure i have fun and joke around with friends just the same. But i am not a wild and lose individual.

Ialso value a person for who they are and a relationship based on love. Yes looks matter to me too. But my relationship is not based on sex. And it never will be.

This is true when you see couples staying married for years to come. And sex based relationships always ending in divorces.

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