Use the Sh!t Out of Those Fittingrooms

Two lifters go in with bags, both leave through different exits at different times. Back when I worked in a store level position if two people went into a stall, items were missing, and exited together, we would take both of them. We may search both and let the one without the merch go, but usually being in the fitting room while a theft occurred was enough for PD to take them as an accomplice. I still think that having a second person go in right after is better (at the very least you will be able to tell if LP is on to you and ditch, if someone tries to rush into the stall) stay in there until your friend exits. Don't be too obvious and take only a few items out of several selections at a time. Anyone that has worked in LP knows that there are plenty of store detectives that will take chances, or ignore rules if its obvious as fuck (go in with nothing but merchandise, come out with shopping bags full of merch and no one is checking that fitting room). For this reason I also recommend not doing anything on the sales floor (removing hangers, detaching tags, etc), this may make LP more confident to take chances, and also draws unnecessary attention to yourself. Find a fitting room with a ceiling tile accessible from the bench and stash your hangers/tags in there. Or just take the hangers with you. Also find the messiest fucking fitting room you can find, the messier the better.

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