Your dream setlist

srry but had to do 28, 25 is too hard

  1. There, There

  2. Kid A

  3. Nude

  4. Weird Fishes

  5. No Surprises

  6. Just

  7. The National Anthem

  8. All I Need

  9. Knives Out

  10. Climbing Up the Walls

  11. How to Disappear Completely

  12. Identikit

  13. Pyramid Song

  14. Sit Down. Stand Up (the outro exploding with sound like on the studio version)

  15. My Iron Lung

  16. 2 + 2 = 5

  17. Reckoner

  18. Present Tense

  19. Polyethylene (Pt. 1 & 2)

  20. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

  21. Bodysnatchers

Encore 1

22 Let Down

23 Fake Plastic Trees

24 You and Whose Army?

25 Everything In Its Right Place

26 Idioteque (the bleeps start while EITRP's vocal looping and stuff is still going on, like how they did at Lollapalooza this year)

Encore 2

27 Karma Police

28 Paranoid Android

and as a joke cause after all it is a dream setlist, they play Anyone Can Play Guitar as a third encore exactly how it was performed at the MTV Beach House. like they put a pool in front of the stage for Thom to jump into and everything

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