Shadowkeep felt like a filler dlc to hold us over until the next large dlc but now beyond light feels like a filler dlc too....

I seriously think that Shadowkeep is probably the worst expansion in the series. I’ve never been so disappointed with an expansion before that because all of the expansions prior to it had decent endings. Rise of iron was about the same price and while I wasn’t a fan of it really, it had a beginning middle end and had much more content in it.

And it sucks because they have managed to match the highest points of the series before which was The Taken King, with Forsaken which gave us TWO new locations a great, even though difficult, raid. Storming a castle to kill a dragon and then having to escape while everything is essentially on fire with supers flying will imo never be topped in the series for me personally.

I have hopes that The Witch Queen will be a Ttk or Forsaken lvl expansion because it has to. They’ve been hyping this character that’s supposed to be THE bad guy for years but that’s also the problem and it’s been that way for years.

It’s always next time and not now. Like you said Shadowkeep felt like complete filler and seemed sort of random. Season of Arrivals felt more relevant than Shadowkeep. They add the moon back and even though they added a new place to it there really is nothing of substance there imo. I guess the dungeon perhaps. Beyond Light feels way more complete but still unfinished? Story was decent stasis is cool, Europa is pretty big but it’s just... missing something. It could be the loot pool compared to these expansions prior but i feel like it’s missing more than that.

I don’t think that every expansion should be Ttk or Forsaken level but my goodness they need to do something more than what happened in Shadowkeep I actually stopped playing for a little bit because season of the undying was bad. BL may be too early but maybe not since right after you finish salvations grip and born in darkness you jump cut to Season of The Hunt :/ Most of the expansions prior to this season stuff had at least relevant things going on with them and not immediately to an at face value irrelevant season when the credits rolled for the content I just played and spent 30-40 bucks for and want to know more about.

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