Share you guild drama and meltdowns for progressing this tier

Not much but maybe potent:

Left my CE guild after we got Sylvie CE last tier and Halondrus HC this tier (first hc week I think).

I left primarily due to not getting any tier pieces for a few weeks and also classes not being properly nerfed/buffed in the initial weeks. Basically until the Catalyst opened it was a mess, imo. Anyway, so I left the tiert early, deciding to take a break.

Then I came back to the game in June, with the 9.2.5 launch and all the catchup mechanics available. I quickly rose my ilvl, got my double leggo and transformed a 4piece (out of m+ gear). In a week I was stronger than I had been at expansion start killing hc Halondrus and doings 15s (in March). But now it was June, catchup was in and I was STACKED and ready to really tackle the new content after taking a 2-3 month break.

Anyway, I messaged my old guild and they pretended they didnt know who I was.

Even tho the alt I messaged them on had previously been in the guild and had been known as my alt in the guild. "Oh sorry, Im not that good with names" - one of the officers said. An officer which whom I'd spend more than 15 hrs a week (because we did pvp together aside from raid).

Everyone else from the guild ignored me. Even tho we split on decent terms when the raid was fresh.

I'm not sure if this tier broke them or what, but needless to say Im not welcome back to that guild and they still dont have CE so I can only imagine what a shitshow it's become.

This tier fucked a lot of people over.

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