Share your best component upgrades!

So many small upgrades. I was disappointed with the mana crystal tokens from Mage Knight. They have washed out colors, some are hard to tell apart, and they have a seam running down the middle of the base making them all sit cockeyed.

Solution? Acrylic 'gems' used as filler for vases at wedding receptions (not my photo). Took a little trial and error to find the right size crystal for my fat fingers, and more effort to find the black ones, but SO much better on the table. I'm the guy that ALWAYS buys the wooden organizer, metal coins, etc. But small things like this can make almost as big of a difference.

I also REALLY did not like the plastic invaders in Spirit island. I quickly replaced them with Catan-like white wooden towns, houses and minimeeples. Also replaced both the fear tokens with unpainted wooden tokens (etched with skull and crossbones), and the Energy tokens (wooden 'coins' from Etsy). The unpainted wood matches the Dahan huts nicely, and works well to maintain the visual differences between island natives and invaders.

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