Shes really looking like every overfilled face on here, its painful to look at

Seriously Ellen Pompeo is born in nov 1969, look it up. She's the same age as my mother. Even if she wasn't full of filler, she's obviously not going to look 35 given 15 years have passed. I watched greys when I was 13 in 2006. I'm now three years off 30 in 2020. I look vastly different. Why we think Ellen Pompeo should look similar to how she did at 35 is part of the downfall of this page - some of these 'botched' jobs are just 15 - 20 year old photos next to aged versions of the same actor who has tried to keep their youth. They were going to look older and less "omg she was so beautiful" at 50 then they did at 30 even without work. Perhaps they'd sometimes even look worse. It's pretry much the same for everyone.

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