CSGO — Valve announces Dreams & Nightmares, A $1,000,000 CS:GO Art Contest

Prizes. Each winning entry will be awarded one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) divided among contributing entrants in accordance with the splits identified in their submission to the CS:GO Workshop. Valve retains its license to the winning entries as User Generated Content under the Steam Subscriber Agreement, and payment of the prize money will be complete compensation in lieu of any payment under Workshop Supplemental Terms.

This feels like Valve exploiting artists. The $100,000 will be all the payment artists get. Right now artists whose skins get featured in a lootbox/crate gets a cut of the sales and from steam market transactions.

With this new model, they are now capped to $100,000 per skin. Some artists have easily earned 6 figures from lifetime sales of their skins and it seems Valve no longer wants to give up such a big cut of their profits.

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