[US] Question about visitation conflict

I don't think I'm being clever. I'm trying to do what's best but I question myself all the time. That's why am here.

I do have some proof of the substance abuse(text, phone recordings, and pictures). I wouldn't just go into court with accusations alone. My lawyer has not looked through my evidence yet and I'm not sure if that will change her opinion.

Are you suggesting I offer him unsupervised without the drug test first? My lawyer has not suggested this. She said we'd ask for drug test and make an offer for supervised. I don't know if she is doing this because she thinks it what I want to do or if she thinks it's best. I was a bit overwhelmed at our last meeting and didn't communicate well with her. She said if we go to court he will probably get some unsupervised time, so maybe asking for supervised is pointless?

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