Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base and Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station to get new names

Former Air Force, now Space Force, space guy here. Yes these were almost all Air Force missions 2 years ago, but something that rarely gets brought up is how seriously the Air Force was taking them. The answer: not seriously at all. They routinely pilfered money from our programs. We played third fiddle to air and cyber capabilities. Ultimately the Space Force has been in planning stages since like 2001, congress told the Air Force to get serious about space multiple times over 20 years while our adversaries went from technologically inept, to equal, to surpassing us. The Air Force continued to use us as a piggy bank for new aircraft while I used a computer from 1970(!) to do my mission that they can't turn off because they're afraid if they do it'll never turn back on. Since they couldn't take care of space it got taken away, and for the better I think. This isn't a Trump thing, it's been in congress for two decades.

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