Do you ship Lapidot?

(I know I replied to you before with similar info but I realized this tab was sitting open and clicked over to close it then saw this and felt like I had to reply.) IDK, I still think,

"I'm not Rebecca Sugar, but this is something I learned in the course of my employment during conversations I was in the room for and took part in, which I did not know before working on the show, but now that I worked here I've known for awhile and wanted to share: Peridot's aroace" (what all the tweets regarding the info and the meaning of "Saint Paul" essentially say as a unit) reads more like a piece of behind the scenes info that was being shared and maybe not made explicit enough for some people within the show itself rather than being opinion. (i.e. a "someone higher up can correct me, but this is what I know from my place within my job" as opposed to "I'm a boarder and this is my headcanon")

Like, Maya didn't say "I think Peridot is aroace" or even phrase it the way boarders often do when they have an idea of their own in answer to something like a question on the official podcast (i.e. a "maybe this would happen" kind of answer). Maya basically said "I know Peridot is aroace" (emphasis to note the difference) which would be an INCREDIBLY cocky way to share an opinion and IMO wouldn't mesh with noting it's Word of Saint Paul that a higher-up could refute or clarify.

I am sorry for all these long replies to you, I have a lot of feelings about what feels like a double standard to me, and apparently my brain is just... hyped for trying to start things when I don't feel well. Feel free to ignore me I guess

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