Episode Discussion – Steven Universe: Future Premiere

It's it horrible how I sympathise with Pink?

I was a kid with some pretty bad baggage once, which showed in pretty damn scary tantrums. I felt like I had no control over my life and lashed out. It sucked, both for me and for those around me. I fought hard to reign in my anger, to grow up right. And I have not lost myself to it in well over 20 years, but I remember it. - And while I never managed to hurt anybody I am sure, had my anger manifested around me, at a distance, I would have.

People who got to know me as adult cannot imagine me in a rage. But they only ever have half the picture of who I see myself at. Even IF I tell them they can never understand...

So, I am glad I never managed to hurt asnybody, but I listen to this story, to how Pink gets revealed and... I may project, but I understand the helpless anger, the lashing out, but also the fight to change ( and the feeling that it is never enough).

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