This is how it went, I have decided.

Maybe Steven will be forced by white to stay on homeworld and to be diciplinized to be the desired Pink Diamond.

He'll probably be very relunctant of that and try to escape several times, without having any news about his friends on homewolrd. Then he starts to understand more of the diamonds viewspoint and they start to fall for his charms as the sweet kid he is (so blue and yellow start to realize he's not the same Pink they knew, but that they still like him.)

Then he gets one of those all-seeing orb things and we discover what's been hapenning with the cg's at homewolrd. It would probably show Amethyst struggling to fit in with the new strict job as a quartz, Connie would be sent to the Zoo and become the leader of them or something, Garnet being separated or in jail, and Pearl could either be toss around for someone else to be her master or be given back to Steven as a kind of gift from White for behaving. I can already see white saying something like "I'm so glad you kept the Pearl I gave you" (So we could get some WP's backstory!)

(Whoops, that got big, sorry for any spelling errors, english is not my first language)

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