If you were able to ask Rebecca Sugar one question totally inconsequential to the show's plot, what would it be?

For your first question, there's actually an answer. There was a recent interview that would lead me to believe Sugar's answer would be "no".


"And I felt really determined to make this as acceptable as possible because I didn’t want this show to be censored in countries where I felt children would really need to see this—and it has been now [censored] in several countries. But I feel that, hopefully, they’ll still be able to find it."

"...it struck me how critical it is to make that there are LGBTQIA characters in G-rated content, that the G rating said everything because as long as certain people are considered to be inappropriate for families and children, there is no equality and we are keeping very young children who are seeing this, especially if they are LGBTQIA, if they’re queer kids, you’re telling them directly that they don’t belong in a family-friendly world if you exclude them from G-rated content.

Over the course of realizing that, it began to feel like an emergency. We need to let children know that they belong in this world."

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