SU fandom towards white & Co: UwU look how cute these space moms get along with the spaghetti noodle UwU! SU fandom towards pink diamond: YOU’RE A HORRIBLE GEM!! STEVEN DESERVES A BETTER MOM!!

I’m willing to admit that I might be attributing too much blame to Rose, but I still disagree on some things:

While I understand why Rose bubbled Bismuth away, that’s not specifically wha I take issue with. I take issue with the fact that she bubbled her and didn’t tell anyone. She put her in stasis for what easily could have been eternity, robbing her of the opportunity to fight alongside her friends. While Bismuth’s bloodlust for the Diamonds was at odds with Rose’s vision for the Crystal Gems, there were many better ways to handle the situation. But, by leaving her in a bubble the way she did, she did everything short of shattering Bismuth. (By that, I’m drawing a parallel between the two since shattered gems can eventually be repaired and Bismuth was eventually let out of her bubble, but otherwise both are permanent.)

In addition, I’m not denying that the diamonds are awful people. I’m just saying that they’re still able to atone for the things they’ve done, which inherently makes them better morally than someone who dumped all the awful things she did on her own son. That’s my argument.

About Pearl, I agree that she must have known Rose was poly, but to leave her and Greg bereaved for the slightest of chances that her child could bring peace to the universe is just wrong. Giving up her form for an idea that she wasn’t even sure of herself was irresponsible and selfish of her.

And as for Spinel, I actually interpret the fact that she never gave in to curiosity to check on Pink as evidence that it’s possible something was stopping her from leaving the garden. Even so, the mechanics of the whole “Diamond Command” thing that she did to Pearl were never really explained, so I’m not gonna pretend I know that for sure. Still, I still believe that she has the mentality of a child; her entire purpose was to play and entertain her diamond, and we saw all the antics she tried in order to achieve that goal. I don’t mean to say that gems as a species are childlike, because they’re not. But Spinel was specifically designed to act like one to be entertaining to Pink, who was also very childlike back in those days, like we saw in the jungle moon dream. And when she learned she was left behind, forgotten, and replaced, she reacted, again, like a child: first with confusion and sadness, then with a blind, irrational anger and hatred towards people who were only tangentially related to her trauma.

All in all, everyone’s flawed. Everyone’s free to make their own decisions about Pink, as well as the other diamonds. And I may very well be pulling a Jasper, but I believe there are things in the past that I see differently from most of the fan base, and wanted to talk about it.

Well-constructed argument. Respect.

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