You should avoid CCEDK exchange

I alerted CCEDK to their NSR wallet spitting out extra NSR into my account on Jan. 6th. Their dev emailed me in Russian, and never replied to my google translated reply.

It wasn't until January 23rd that it seems they found the problem with this email:


"Finally it seems we have managed to get all sorted out in regards to this NSR matter. It seems our developer when adding nsr to the system allowing it to do altimatic deposits and withdrawal a feature in the nubits wallet normally diabled by default had been enabled m,y mistake.

You spotted it correctly at that time, it took us a bit to locate the matter, but now with the help of the nubits team it is all resolved. Would it be possible to ask you to return the amount of NSRyou received in this way by mistake, in order to set all things straight and get all things back to normal?

I notice you may haved decided to stay off the exchange due to these discrepancies, and would appreciate your coming back."

Finally on Jan. 30th, after asking how many NSR I was wrongfully credited, I received this email...

"Sorry for the wait. I have finally got an info from our developer how much you have in fact received due to the nsr bachbone issue, and it amounts to some 53689 NSR all in all, based on some 14 transactions within the period Jan 6 untill jan. 13th.

I will be happy to send you a detailed report on this by e-mail or enclosed here if you like, and really hope we can have this setteld so that we can go back to normal again. I realize it was an issue due to some default of wallet not enabled as such, and you already mentioned this to us, so it is just too bad as such. As mentioned I am willing to offer you a bounty of some 10% of this amount sent to you upon return of mentioned amount on the NSR adress as follows:


I will be looking forward to hearing from you again soon, and to have this matter resolved and you back on exchange as a happy user once again."

I call incompetence.

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