5 cases of censorship on college campuses. Freedom of speech or freedom from speech?

Welcome to my life at McGill. Every day is a fight against voicing my opinion in fear of social shaming. I've even noticed professors now calling out other professors as racists, I can only assume, in hopes of deflecting attention from themselves to be on the "good side" of the overly PC students.

It's quite ironic that "higher institutions of learning" are by far the most censored domains in our society.

I see students claiming (with approving nodding heads all around) that only people belonging to a demographic can have opinions about said demographic, even when simply using objective evidence to make an assessment. One kid today (in a pre-graduate/graduate level psyc course) actually argued that only gay men should be allowed to study the difference between gay men and straight men. He said this after discussing studies regarding sexual behavioral differences between men and women (including gay men and women) positing distal evolutionary explanations which he deemed to be complete bullshit because something something white men something something patriarchy... the fact that a graduate student in science couldn't notice the obvious contradiction in his claim is depressing... the fact that all the women in the class nodded in agreement is utterly depressing.

Last year, I had this same sort of discussion about sexual dimorphism in humans with another neuro/psyc student. She claimed everything was due to culture and the dimorphism was complete bullshit. I asked about sexual dimorphism in gorillas and she claimed maybe gorillas we observed learned from humans observing them??? WHY ARE STUDENTS FORCING THEMSELVES INTO THESE INSANE MENTAL GYMNASTICS UNLESS THEY TRULY FEAR REPERCUSSION OF FALLING OUT OF LINE WITH THE THINKING POLICE??? Honestly? I can't help believe all these people are just like me, scared shitless to be intellectually honest. By the way, that conversation ended with me asking about sexual dimorphism in ants... apparently referring to ant patriarchy was a little too much and she flipped her shit and walked off.

But anyways. I just had to let that frustration out. Been holding it in all day.

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